Minicbor, a mini CBOR library


Minicbor is a small C library for reading and writing CBOR encoded values.


  • Suitable for streamed reading: Blocks of CBOR bytes can be parsed incrementally, even when a block splits a CBOR value. Callbacks allow the application to handle detected CBOR values / tokens as they are encountered.

  • Suitable for streamed writing: The write functions are designed to work with an underlying application defined stream.

  • No memory allocation making it easy to use Minicbor for developing language bindings.


The 3 files minicbor.h, minicbor_reader.c and minicbor_writer.c can simply be dropped into an existing project. Alternatively library can be built if required using the supplied Makefile.

By default the functions and types are all prefixed with minicbor_. This can be changed by defining MINICBOR_PREFIX when using the library.


This library is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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